What types of treatment do you provide?

Dr. Kauffman specializes in the treatment of women throughout various life stages. This commonly involves treatment around a pregnancy, including preconception counseling, treatment optimization during pregnancy, and treatment in the postpartum period. This also includes working with women and families who are struggling with infertility and fetal loss. Additionally, Dr. Kauffman is experienced with the psychiatric treatment of women with PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder), sexual functioning disorders (such as pelvic pain), and women going through menopause. Dr. Kauffman provides both medication management and psychotherapy.

How long is a typical appointment?

Initial evaluations are 90 minutes to allow for comprehensive evaluation (in certain circumstances, two 45 minute sessions may be an alternative). Follow-up appointments vary in length, but are typically 30 minutes for medication management and 45 minutes for psychotherapy (which can include medication management as well). One-time reproductive psychiatry consults (usually for individuals referred by their private psychiatrist or obstetrician) are typically 90 minutes in length.

Do you accept insurance?

Dr. Kauffman does not accept insurance. However, she can provide you with a medical receipt that you can submit to your insurance provider for out-of-network benefits (the reimbursement amount will vary based on your insurance company — please call them for further details).

What is your fee policy?

Due to currently practicing exclusively telepsychiatry, Dr. Kauffman is only accepting payment via credit card at this time. Payment will be collected electronically at the start of each visit. Please contact our office with further inquiries regarding our current fee schedule.

How do I contact Dr. Kauffman?

Feel free to call us at 858-215-5655 or email us at info@sarahkauffmanmd.com. Both our office voicemail and email accounts are confidential and HIPPA compliant.